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  Lesson Plans For Teachers and Students
JK- 3
Arthropods At Home  Grade 2 Discovering Insects  Grade 1
Africanized Honey Bee Create An Insect
Ants  Grade 1 Insect Hunt  Flash game
Bee Unit  Grade 1 Bug Fun
Bug Go   Learn to identify some insects Birth of a Butterfly  1-2
Bugs   K - 8 Insects We Love and Hate  K - 2
Butterfly and Caterpillar  K - 2 Insects We Love and Hate   Grades K-2
Changing Cicada   K-2 Honeybee
Cicada Invasion   3-5 Ladybug Links  K-3
Edible Spiders Monarchs Grade 1
Frozen Insects  3-8 Miss Spider's Tea Party  Grades  K - 2
Have You Seen My Little Bug Activity book for K Monarchs In The Classroom  Ask An Expert
Insect Life Cycles Spider Activities  Jk -1
Spooky Spiders  K - 3 Where Do Butterflies Come From?

Grades 4-6
Alphabetical Insects Africanized Honey Bee
Beautiful Butterflies Activity Centers  Grade 6 A Day In The Life Of...
Bug Fun Billy Bug  Grade 6 game
Bugs   K - 8 Bug Go    Learn to identify some insects
Caterpillars and Mystery Bugs Habitat Breakdown  Grade 4
Cicada Invasion   3-5 Choose An Insect
Crickets: Animal mapping  Grades 4 - 6 Camouflage
Edible Spiders Frozen Insects  3-8
Insect Camera Build a bug  Grade 5 game
Periodical Cicada Survival  6-8 Pollination  Grade 5
Where Do Butterflies Come From?

Grades 7-8
Africanized Honey Bee
Bugs   K - 8 Choose An Insect
Edible Spiders Frozen Insects  3-8
True Bugs  K-12 Periodical Cicada Survival  6-8

Grades 9-12
Africanized Honey Bee Edible Spiders
True Bugs  K-12

Bee Stings
Classroom Mascots Classroom Pets - Butterflies
Classroom Pets - Millipedes Classroom Pets - Walking Sticks
Debbie's Unit Factory    Ant links Flour Beetles
Crickets In The Classroom
Insects and Spiders  Games Insects All Year  A lesson a month
Insect Zoo Insect Printouts
Kathy's Critters Classroom Visits Using Insects in the Classroom
Moths and Butterflies  Classroom activities (pdf) Create a Butterfly Garden
Monarch Watch In The Classroom Stuffed Newspaper Butterfly
Spiders Termite in a jar
Word Search  Bugs WOW Bugs



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