Get Rid Of Live Ladybugs In Your House With These Simple Tips

Did you know that you can buy live ladybugs on Amazon?  This is actually a thing and understandably so considering most people find these little insects adorable. But, it is not all about how picture-perfect they are, ladybugs serve a positive purpose in any given garden. For the most part, ladybugs and their imported counterparts, lady beetles, eat aphids which are quite harmful to your garden in general. They also feed on other pests such as:

  • Scales
  • Mites
  • Leafhoppers
  • Mealybugs

All of which are highly detrimental to the health of most garden plants. So, as you can see, ladybugs aren’t all that bad. The problem often occurs when they become numerous in numbers and start invading your home. No matter how adorable they are, no one wants to see tens or hundreds of insects buzzing around in their living room. That is why most people look for ways to get rid of ladybugs or at the very least, control their numbers.

How to Tell if You Have A Ladybug Infestation in Your Home

How To Tell If You Have A Ladybug Infestation In Your Home

There is a good chance that you have seen one or two ladybugs in your home. But, are you really seeing a ladybug or the imported version: Asian lady beetles? Asian lady beetles are incredibly similar and have the same effect once they invade your home. So, in keeping with that point, knowing the difference here isn’t really  germane  because both species will present the same level of nuisance and annoyance. So, apart from seeing a few of them flying around, how can you tell whether or not you have an infestation?

You See Large Clusters of  Live Ladybugs

You See Large Clusters Of Live Ladybugs

The most obvious sign of an infestation is seeing a large congregation of ladybugs around or in your home. For the most part, you will find large clusters on the outside of your wall or near cracks and gaps on the wall surface. Sometimes, you will also see some of these insects on the walls inside your wall as well as on the ceiling.

Ladybugs tend to hibernate for the winter and, once they are in for the season, the chances are that you will not see them until warmer temperatures come back around. At some point, you may see dead ladybugs on your window sills. Rest assured that these insects do not carry any disease and are harmless even when dead. They are just not as pretty to look at.

They Increase with the Seasons

Because ladybugs hide out during winter, these creatures are often not seen throughout those cold months. They tend to emerge in large numbers when the temperatures get warmer. There is a good chance that you will begin to see them in great numbers during summer, spring, or sometimes even during fall.

You See Yellow Stains on Light Surfaces

Live ladybugs have a weird defense mechanism: when they are frightened, they tend to secrete a yellow liquid that is not only foul smelling but also quite bitter to the taste. It is their way of letting would be predators know that they are not exactly tasty treats. These little yellow secretion form stains on light surfaces include curtains, clothes and other fabrics. These stains can be rather inconvenient and may ruin a perfectly good white shirt or dress.

You Might Begin to Experience Allergic Reactions

You Might Begin To Experience Allergic Reactions

In the worst form of infestation, live ladybugs might invade your home in such large numbers that they cover entire floor surfaces and walls and ladybug removal may be needed. Recently, more and more people are beginning to realize that they have an allergic reaction to these ladybugs, especially when they come in such large numbers. If you have started noticing reactions such as:

  • Stuffy nose
  • Irritable coughs
  • Bouts of asthma
  • Conjunctivitis

Then there is a good chance that you might be reacting to a live ladybug infestation in your home. Of course, these are also the same symptoms that are often associated with allergic reactions to other things, substances or even the common cold. Once you put them together with the other signs of an infestation, then you might just have the answer you need, which, of course, means that you will need to start looking for tips on how to get rid of live ladybugs in your house.

What Attracts Live Ladybugs to Your Home?

Like most insect infestations, there is something in your home that attracts ladybugs to your property. For the most part, these buggers might just be looking for a warm, dry place to ride out the winter and your home simply meets all these parameters. But barring bad weather, there are also other things that you may be inadvertently doing to attract ladybugs in large numbers to your property. These include:

  • A garden they find attractive
  • Your garden has a lot of pollen and aphids; things that ladybugs consider food
  • Other insects
  • Flowers and herbs such as fennel, angelica, coreopsis, yarrow and others

What Attracts Live Ladybugs To Your Home

You might not even have a fully-fledged garden but, as long as you have just a few pots with the right kind of plants in them, then you may be inadvertently attracting ladybugs to your garden.

How to Get Rid of Live Ladybugs in Your House

Once you ascertain that you have a live ladybug infestation in the works, the next question should be ‘how can you get rid of them without dousing your home in toxic chemicals’? The one thing you need to know about a ladybug infestation is that once these little beauties get a foothold in your home, it is nearly impossible to completely get rid of them.

That is also one of the main reasons why you should consider giving a pest management professional (PMP) a call. A PMP will:

  • Help you determine what kind of ladybugs have invaded your home
  • What is attracting them
  • They will find the best ways to get rid of these little insects
  • Give you the best tips on how to keep the infestation from reoccurring

Another advantage is that a pest management professional will give you a quick heads-up if you have any other type of pest infestation in the works. It is an all-around better and more comprehensive way of dealing with any bug infestation.

Here are some tips on how you can get rid of live ladybugs naturally from your home:

Vacuum them up: This is the simplest and least harmful way to naturally get rid of ladybugs in your house. Once you have vacuumed up the ladybugs, you can simply release them back into the wild or put them in a trash bin and empty it immediately. This method, however, is not so practical if you are trying to get rid of thousands of them.

Sweep them out: This method is similar to the vacuuming method. You can simply sweep them out into the garden using a broom. The problem with this method is that you may startle them and that will cause them to release the yellow liquid that will stain your surfaces.

Make your own insecticide: You can easily make your own insecticide at home. One of the most effective oil spray options is made by combining two ingredients that you can easily find at home (mild soap and vegetable oil). Simply mix one cup of vegetable oil with two teaspoons of soap and one-quarter water when you want to spray it. This homemade oil spray is rather deadly to ladybugs and most other insects because it covers their bodies with oil thus causing them to suffocate and die.

Use a black light trap: You can order one of these ladybug traps on Amazon, or you could learn how to build one yourself from this video:

These methods are not only humane, but they are simple, effective, and, quite frankly, very affordable.

How to Keep Live Ladybugs Out of Your Home

Once you have gone through all the trouble of getting rid of ladybugs in your home, you might want to use different methods to keep them from returning. The following tips give you an idea of how you may do that:

  • Seal up all possible entryways
  • Use a ladybird repellant
  • Stay vigilant to ensure that the infestation doesn’t reoccur

As mentioned earlier, the best possible way to go about this is to hire a pest control professional who knows all there is to know about getting rid of pests and keeping them out. This is a more cost-effective and comprehensive way to ensure that you have completely eradicated the infestation and that you have done everything possible to keep it from reoccurring in the most humane manner possible.

Give us a call today and let us help you keep your home free of live ladybugs throughout the seasons with professional ladybug removal. As adorable as these little insects maybe, once they take a foothold in your home it is very difficult to completely get rid of them. We have the right kind of expertise, professionalism, and skill to get the job done quickly and efficiently.


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