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Orkin – Your Local Pest Control Experts

Finding the right exterminator for your pest problem isn’t always easy. But when you choose Orkin, you can be sure that you’re getting fast and effective pest control from the most qualified specialists in the business. Orkin pairs the latest scientific developments with extensive education and training to provide you with quality pest control services that are guaranteed to work.

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The Pests

generic-pests-spiderEliminating pests requires specialized knowledge about the behaviors and habits of each species. Not all pest control companies have the breadth of expertise to control every one. But in Orkin, you’ll find your cockroach specialist, your stinging insect expert and your rodent control technician all wrapped into one. Our Pest Resource Center will give you a quick snapshot of the major pests Orkin treats, plus information on how you can help prevent them.

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The Solution

aim-logoOrkin offers a deliberate, tested approach to pest control. The proprietary A.I.M process was developed based on Orkin’s 100 years of finding, treating and preventing pests. This method includes a close inspection of your home and property, a targeted, customized treatment, and ongoing monitoring to ensure you’ll never see pests again.

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Termite Elimination

Effective termite control requires specialized tools and techniques – two things your Orkin Pro is well trained to use. Orkin’s termite control system method follows a three-step process – inspection, treatment, and ongoing protection. And only Orkin provides its associates with 160 hours of hands-on training to understand the nuances of termite behavior. Trust your home to Orkin and stop termites before they damage your home.

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Bed Bug Treatment

The rise of bed bug infestations is alarming. This nighttime feeder, once thought to be extinct in the U.S., has made an aggressive return and is spreading quickly from state to state.

Bed bugs treatment requires special training and control methods – both of which your Orkin Pro will use to remove bed bugs from your home. Treatment takes time and persistence, but bed bugs can be controlled. Think you have bed bugs? Start with a consultation with an Orkin bed bug specialist.

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Covered Pests

Orkin treats homes for a wide range of pests. Select a pest category from below to learn which species may be invading your home and what Orkin can do to help you stop them.

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Pest Resource Center


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