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The A.I.M. Solution – From the Original Pest Experts

aim-logo No one fights pests quite like Orkin. Using a proprietary, three-step process known as A.I.M., your Orkin technician is not your typical exterminator. They will ensure complete removal of pests from your home using a science-backed method that is proven to eliminate a wide range of pests and prevent them from returning.

Just how does A.I.M work?

Assess. The first step is a thorough assessment of your pest problem. Following your FREE estimate, your Orkin inspector will come out and closely inspect the areas of your home where pests are likely to hide. He’ll also examine the risk factors that could lead to future problems.

Implement. Your Orkin pest control expert will implement a customized pest control plan based on the findings from your assessment. Each plan is developed for your particular home and needs, and each uses pest extermination methods that have been thoroughly tested by Orkin’s team of scientists.

Monitor. The final step to your Orkin pest control solution is monitoring. Your Orkin Pro will visit your property on a regular schedule to ensure your control solution is working. If he finds pests, he’ll treat them on the spot.

How do I get started?

Just pick up the phone and call your local Orkin exterminator for a FREE estimate on pest control solutions for your home. And if you call before 12 p.m., your Orkin Pro will arrive the same day.

The Orkin Guaranteetop100-transparent

Orkin’s treatment services aren’t only backed by science, they’re also backed by the Orkin guarantee – Orkin’s promise that you’ll be completely satisfied with your service. Orkin goes to great lengths to ensure its solutions are effective and long-lasting. The pest control leader also prides itself on good customer service. As the customer, you come first – a notion that every Orkin professional personifies, from day-to-day interactions, to the entire customer lifecycle. And Orkin stands behind its guarantee. If pests return between scheduled visits, your Orkin Pro will gladly retreat your home at no extra cost. If you’re still unhappy with your service, you’ll get a full refund of your last service fee as long as you’re still an Orkin customer. That’s a promise.


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Pest Control Tips

Professional extermination services have always been the key to lasting pest control. But there are things you can do to supplement your Orkin solution and keep pests at bay. Here are our top 10:

  1. generic-pest-graphicSeal gaps between plumbing pipes and outdoor walls. Rodents can squeeze through these holes to gain entry to your home.
  2. Also seal holes and cracks in your attic and crawl space walls. Pests of all kinds can fit through the tiniest of openings.
  3. Ensure doors and windows have proper weather stripping. Broken or missing weather stripping gives pests easy access to the inside of your home.
  4. Purchase indoor garbage cans with lids. Open garbage cans stored in pantries and under sinks can attract ants, cockroaches and other insects.
  5. Keep food tightly sealed in containers or bags. Loosely packaged food will attract pantry pests.
  6. Clean up wet spills or leaks immediately. Many pests, including ants, cockroaches, termites and silverfish need water to survive making your leaky basement or bathroom the perfect nesting spot.
  7. Keep your outdoor areas free of debris and standing water. Both can harbor termites and mosquitoes.
  8. Check your closet and drawers often for fabric pests. Clothes moths aren’t the only pests you should exterminate to protect your clothing. Carpet beetles can do just as much damage. Better yet, store infrequently worn clothes in sealed plastic containers.
  9. Regularly treat your pets for fleas. Also keep a close eye on their bedding: a small flea infestation can quickly get out of control.
  10. Don’t try to handle extermination services on your own. Keeping a clean home can help, but only a pest professional will know how to control all pests safely.

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