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Learn more about the types of pests Orkin services and how you can help prevent an invasion in your home.

Ant Control

antMore than 12,500 species of ants have been identified, but another 10,000 are thought to exist. But regardless of the species, ants are expert hunters. They live in colonies and work together to squeeze beneath door frames, between window seals, or within the cracks in your walls or foundation to enter your home. Once inside, they seek out the most available source of food and water. So to keep ants at bay, keep your home clean and dry. Professional pest control is the only guaranteed solution.

Beetle Control

beetleBeetles are found all over the world. They range from quite small to well over a few inches long and come in a variety of colors and widths, and can have different types of external ornamentation. Beetles  have a hard exoskeleton and forewings. There are many species of beetle that can be considered pests to humans; some carry pathogens while others undermine structures.


Bed Bug Treatment

bedbugBed bugs were almost eradicated from the U.S. at one point but have made a significant comeback in the last 20 years. Actual bed bug sightings are rare; the clues they leave behind – unexplained itchy welts, blood smears on sheets, and droppings and/or eggs on bedding and furniture – are the usual signs of an infestation. So it stands to reason that bed bug extermination is a more complicated process than extermination of other pests. Most cases require several treatments, but with persistence, they can be eliminated.


Cockroach Control

roachCockroaches can live in a wide range of environments and can eat a wide range of food. That’s why getting rid of them can be so hard. Effective pest management is key to cockroach elimination. Both professional treatment and home maintenance efforts on the part of the homeowner will create a holistic control plan for these aggressive pests.



Earwig Control

earwigEarwigs got their name thanks to an untrue myth that they burrow into people’s ears while they sleep. While they’re not that invasive the pests do make their nests under patios, porches, and even within homes when necessary. There are over 20 species in the United States, all of which are difficult to eradicate without professional treatment. Earwigs can be found throughout the U.S. as well as in Asia and Europe. Though they’re found in every state they’re most common in the Southeastern states and the Southwest.


Flea Control

fleaPet owners may best understand the problems associated with fleas. These parasites feed mostly on cats and dogs, but will quickly spread to other areas of your home seeking out new hosts. Flea control takes patience. In addition to treating your pets, you’ll also need to treat your pet’s bedding, plus your carpets, drapes and other household fabrics where they could hide. Frequent vacuuming is a great preventative method. But if fleas do become a problem, a professional flea control expert can eliminate an infestation rather quickly.


Rodent Treatment

mouseRodents are a class  all their own. They live off discarded human food and are often found hiding (and breeding) in attics, basement and behind walls. These pests are particularly dangerous due to the number and types of disease-carrying bacteria they spread. Professional rodent control is the safest extermination method.



Stinging Pests 

waspExterminating any kind of stinging pest is dangerous. But removing some species is especially complex because they’re protected in many states so nests must be relocated, which only a professional should handle. Controlling nuisance stinging pests is also best left to the pros.


Termite Treatment


Termites can live and feed within the walls of your home for years before you realize it. This leads to thousands of dollars in damage, and the headache of clean-up and repair. This is why termite prevention is as important as termite treatment. Termite control experts are trained to treat your home and property in the precise spots where termites are likely to forage. This provides a highly concentrated – and highly effective – treatment, and reduces your family’s exposure to control solutions.



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Stink Bugs



Other Pests


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  Earwigs got their name from an (unsubstantiated) rumor that they burrow into people’s ears while they sleep. They can be scary thanks to an ominous-looking set of pincers behind their abdomens but in fact, they use them only for defense against other aggressive earwigs. There are over 20 Read More

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