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The Top 5 Rules of Termite Extermination

termite-dampwood - ResizedTermites are one of the worst things that can happen to your home.

They’re invasive, destructive, and they cause billions of dollars in damage each year to U.S. homes. So, how do you get rid of them? Here are the top five rules of termite extermination to follow if you want to get rid of the nasty pests for good.

1. Call a professional exterminator.

If you see signs of termites (shed skeletons, holes in wood, wood shavings) it’s imperative you call a professional termite exterminator immediately. Termites are one of the most persistent pests on the planet and often prove difficult to remove even for professionals! It’s never a good idea to try and combat a termite infestation on your own and the longer you spin your wheels in vain trying to get rid of them the more they’re likely to spread.

2. Effective termite extermination is multi-faceted.

It’s difficult to remove termites and treatment usually takes more than a little dusting of chemicals. A professional exterminator will likely try to find the nest and remove the queen, if possible, and work out from there. To fully remove the threat of termite from your home you may need to undergo fumigation, treatment sprays/foams, and have bait stations placed all around your home and yard. It all depends on the severity of your termite problem but rest assured it won’t be a quick fix.

sunny yard3. Most infestations happen in warm weather.

That’s not to say it’s impossible to see termites in chillier weather, particularly in moderate climate regions, but you’re most likely to suffer from an infestation in the spring or summer. Around this time of year, massive swarms of termites are on the move looking for somewhere to call home – your home is often a great fit. It’s a good idea to look for signs of termites periodically during the warmer months and well into the fall.

4. Don’t assume termites are in the basement.

Subterranean termites are the most common species of termite found in U.S. homes. They burrow in through the ground, usually entering the home through the basement or foundation, but they’re not the only threat! Drywood and dampwood termites are also common in several regions in the U.S.. Drywood termites fly which means they can enter your home in the attic, the kitchen, or anywhere else. They can survive for months on a piece of furniture or even on books or drywall which means they can be found anywhere in your home.

5. Treatment is never done.

After you complete your initial termite extermination plan it’s always a smart idea to sign up for monthly or annual monitoring through a reputable pest control company. Termites aren’t like lightning – they can and will strike the same home twice! – but regular monitoring and deterrent practices may keep you from facing a second devastating infestation. Termite treatment and prevention plans are more affordable than you might think.


If you see one termite you can rest assured there are thousands and maybe even hundreds of thousands more lurking nearby. Don’t let your home be a breeding ground for these destructive pests. Professional termite extermination is the only truly effective way to get rid of these nasty insects once and for all.