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Why choose Orkin for your pest control?

Orkin has been helping homeowners fight pests for more than 100 years. And in that time, the Orkin Pro™ has learned a thing or two about pest control – namely, that it takes a well-trained, well-educated staff to eliminate pests in the most effective way possible.

What else? Good customer service. That comes in the form of friendly associates, immediate service, and a money-back guarantee. Here’s a deeper look at what makes the Orkin Pro more than just your Yellow Pages exterminator.

The Science Behind The Service

scientistAll of Orkin’s pest control solutions are based on extensive scientific research. With a team of biologists, entomologies and chemists on staff, Orkin doesn’t have to look far for the best minds in the industry. Orkin also partners with the nation’s top entomology and research universities to stay on top of the latest in pest control technology. These partnerships allow Orkin to test and adopt advanced pest prevention and treatment methods, which means you’ll get the most effective, longest-lasting extermination services available.

One of these methods is the moisture meter. This handheld device allows your Orkin Pro to detect moisture that could attract termites to your home.

Specialist Training


At Orkin, training is the most important part of the Orkin Pro experience. Each associate must undergo 160 hours of hands-on training in his first year on the job. Led by Orkin’s team of scientists, each training session deepens the Orkin Pro’s knowledge of pest control science and treatment technology through practice with pests and the tools that treat them.

Trainees use actual equipment in a full-size home with cut-out walls so they can learn to spot pest problems quickly and use treatment tools properly. This training also emphasizes Orkin’s philosophy of applying the least invasive treatment possible, a method that is both environmentally responsible and the least disruptive to you – the client.

Fast Service

Call before 12 p.m. local time and your Orkin Pro will be at your door that same day. Why does Orkin offer this? Because when pests are involved, time is of the essence.  Most pests work quickly, feeding on your home, food or clothing – or worse – you. They build colonies and multiply within days, so the faster you eliminate them, the more likely you are to wipe them out for good.

With hundreds of locations across the U.S., an Orkin branch is only a short distance from most homes within its service area. This is good news for emergencies.  If you need help quickly, the Orkin Pro™ can deliver. It’s part of what makes Orkin a world class pest control company.

Satisfaction Guaranteedtop100-transparent

The reason Orkin is trusted by so many homeowners is because Orkin pest control services are guaranteed to work. If pests return between scheduled Orkin visits, your Orkin Pro will return and treat them at no extra cost to you. If you’re still not satisfied with your service, you’ll get a full refund of your last service payment as long as you’re still a customer. That’s Orkin’s promise to you.